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2 years TeMax ONLINE

For the past two years, we’ve been able to build a successful platform with you that offers great deals and regular promotions. Everyday we refine our system to provide more intuitive interaction with our site, make it easier to place orders and provide excellent service. Our team takes care to always offer maximum competitive prices, […]

TeMax opens its biggest store in Sofia

On 18 July 2018, a chain of hypermarkets TeMax opens its largest store in Sofia, located on 8 000 sq.m. with over 70,000 items in different categories. The shop is located in “Gorublyane” quarter of “Eng. Georgi Belov “№ 5. With a well-organized parking lot and distinct places, the object is extremely convenient for shopping of a large […]

“Temax” opens store in Kurdzhali

The well-known chain of shops for the home, the garden and the repair “Temax” is also in Kardzhali. The hypermarket will open on June 14 at 8am. The new shop is located in the area of ​​the bus station and is housed in a 5,000-square-meter building. Only the commercial salon stretches over 4,000 sq. M. The new hypermarket also […]